Thursday, February 9, 2012

While I was out

It's come to my attention that I SUCK at blogging. Total epic fail on my part. I'll be honest with you, I blog every day in my head. If only there was an app to get my thoughts into words in blogger, I'd have a lot better rate of success. Being a working mommy (although part time here in Norfolk, woop woop!) certainly has its challenges, and without a doubt, the biggest is balance. Yet here I am, avoiding folding the 97 loads of laundry, but the dishes are done, the baby is asleep and Chris is flying, so I am FINALLY blogging, relatively guilt free. Chris had "No Guam No Glory" published for our Anniversary, and I'm SO glad we have our three years in Guam captured in print, that I really do want to start blogging about our Norfolk adventures as well. I feel like you've missed a lot in my life since we moved back across the world, and rather than even try to go step by step through the last 4.5 months (SO sad I haven't blogged since September!) I'll take a page from HGTV and give you the highlight reel - While I Was Out.

September - Left Guam, spent some time in San Diego for Chris's alumni weekend. Drank a lot of Starbucks & other beverages and saw a ton of great friends we've been missing for the last 3 years. Let me just tell you - hauling all you can carry across the world, because it's all you'll have for the next 3 months is for the birds. We were nothing shy of an absolute shit show. It's hilarious now, to think of Chris sitting on the flight from Japan with 2/3 of Lucy's carseat in his seat (okay, it was pretty funny to me then too, to be honest with you) since the lazy boy carseat we purchased for our little pumpkin was too big to fit in one airline seat. We checked 9 bags (3 per person) and a pack and play. 10 pieces of luggage, plus our, yes, 6 carry ons, carseat and stroller. Try fitting that in a hotel room for 10 days. Try fitting that in a cab. Not advisable. Consequently, in lieu of strolling Lucy through the airport in style, I put her in the bjorn and carried her, and we filled her jogging stroller (to be gate checked) with the 2 laptop bags, diaper bag, Chris's flight bag, backpack, my overnight bag (never know when you're going to get pooped on in a 30 hour journey - best to have back up clothes for all parties involved) and car seat. It was no surprise that the tires were flat by the end of the journey. Seriously. Cue the clown music. Total freaking nightmare. I can't imagine my friends that have done it with 4 kids. (I'm talking about you Mo & Katie!)

October - Spent some time in Denver & KC to see the fams, went on a 4 day trip to Norfolk sans Lucy to do some househunting, and then back to SD for a wedding. We found a GREAT house that we absolutely love, but because I'm just not sure I trust my readers in Russia (no offense) or for that matter New Jersey (no offense) I'm not going to post pics of it or tell you where it is. But, it's super fantastic, we absolutely love it, and of course, our friends and family are always welcome - we have PLENTY of room!! Which is good... because also on the highlight reel from October - - guess what lots of drinks by the pool in Guam resulted in?

Okay.... it's been another MONTH since I first started this entry, although the scene is the same: Lucy asleep, Chris flying, me avoiding 93 loads of clothes and dishes.. and this time I am bound and determined to finish this entry tonight before I go to bed, especially since I'm EXHAUSTED, seeing as how I'm 6 months pregnant. Woop woop!!

Yep! Baby #2 (gender to remain a surprise not only for you, but for us) is due mid-June. We can't wait!

So back to the updates:

November - I know Thanksgiving was this month. That's really all I can recall.

December - Christmas

, a trip to KC, and probably some holiday parties. Again, I can barely remember to put shoes on in the morning, let alone what happened last year. Although, speaking of holiday parties, they gave away fabulous prizes at the squadron Christmas party. It's only the politically correct thing to do for the officers who win prizes to donate them back to be won by an enlisted sailor. No one said anything about offering an enlisted sailor cash money for his Dyson. Because I did that. And he took it. In fact, in the true spirit of giving, he actually counter-offered for $100 less... meaning I bought a dyson at a Christmas party for $100. Classy lassy? Maybe not, but WOW are both my wood floors and my carpets clean.

January - Lucy's 1st birthday!!! We celebrated by taking a trip to the VA Beach aquarium and having lunch with our good friends at a Mexican restaurant. Lucy really embraced her inner salsa...

I can't believe how time flies - my girl is SO big. She took her first steps the week after her first birthday while we were visiting my brother and sister in law in Savannah, GA. She's a walking MACHINE now.

February - Valentine's day? I started this post?

We took a trip to Denver to see Grandma and Grandpa R. and Chris's siblings, and I finally finished decorating Lucy's room. Pretty proud of this one!! Lucy has to wave hello every morning to the owls, and of course blow them kisses before bed. Love her room, love this kid!!

And last update - today. I'll let you jump to your own large conclusions on why this happened, but I went to the gym for the first time since, uh, Guam... and one of the straps on my sports bra tore in half. Yikes. Although I haven't gained much weight (8 lbs so far), apparently it was enough stress on the old Nike running bra. Say it with me: wah wah wah.

Needless to say, it was another blog-worthy day in Virginia! We are absolutely loving it here - Lucy especially. Can you tell?

More soon... promise :)